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Mens wear designer to watch - Africa Fashion Week

The audience had their jaws to the floors as the Earth mother dress came on the runway. This dress was the one single women piece from British designer Mary Martin London first mens collection, debuted at Africa fashion week London.

model Aida Ouro in Mary Martin London Earth Dress
Mary Martin London

models: Aida Ouro and Hassan Reese
Mary Martin London 2019

When we spoke to her, she stated that her inspiration came from 400 years of slavery being marked this year. This was evident from her hand made printed fabric, of the faces of slaves and plantation. Fabrics were a mixture of denim, camouflage, tule and antique brocade. Harem pants, Bomber Jackets and coats with defined lapels made this collection a stand out.

In an interview, Mary Martin says 'The Earth Mother dress represents the cradle of mankind, giving birth to life'which we think is a befitting theme for her first mens collection.We hope to see more mens fashion from this Award winning British designer.

Africa fashion week is the biggest celebration of African talent in Europe currently on its 9th year. usually happens in August, weeks just before London Fashion week

Photo credits:

Monika Schaible Photography

Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Africa Fashion Week London

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