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We had the opportunity to speak to mens fashion and grooming enthusiast Ryan Craig, from the vibrant and enigmatic city of Glasgow.

Not only has Ryan got an impeccable style his very gentlemanly personality is one to be adnmired.

We first met Ryan at our Launch event back in June. We couldn't be in Glasgow so, for this interview, we resorted to FaceTime, as Ryan had just gotten out the shower, looking very well groomed and fresh as he sat down to take on our 7 StarDon questions. Scroll down to see what Ryan 's favourite holiday destination is and what advice Ryan has for anyone wanting to become an influencer.

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Ryan Craig - Influencer of the week

Q:If you had a corporate or creative job what would it be?

A: I really would love to be a menswear fashion designer. It is something that would allow me to be creative and be a great way to express myself. Seeing what You (Howey) do as well as Kreativedon really does serve as an inspiration though. 

Q: The most favourite campaign you have worked on?

A: I shot some non-sponsored content wearing my favourite Topman sunglasses earlier in the summer. It was shot at Bracklinn falls where I went with my girlfriend Stephanie.  I  loved the scenary of the waterfalls and recorded some content at the falls displaying my top man sunglases. We even got the chance to go into the water which I really enjoyed!

Q: What is one item in your wardrobe or wash bag, you cant live without?

A: Out of the array of hair products I like to use, my go to product is Got2be Glue hairspray. Whatever my hair length, it's firm hold is next to none.

Q: Favourite holiday destination?

A: Budapest was my favorite holiday destination because I loved the night life and felt like it was a very tourist friendly country and the scenary was very beautiful overall. (top things to in Budapest)

Q: As an influencer and mens fashion enthusiast, what inspires your style?

 A: It's interesting, my style is constantly changing depending on what's in (latest trends) and how I feel. However i regard Paige watt @Paigearminta as one of my key influences in terms of content as she often takes varying shots of her in different outfits and uses a lot of props and always does a little bit extra which helps her stand out. Style wise, at the moment, I really like Justin Livingston @justinliv.

Q: If you have to delete every app on your phone except for 3, what would you keep?

A: (Ahhh that's a good one) Instagram, UNUM and Spotify.

Q: If you have to leave one advice for anyone reading this, what would it be?

A: The advice I'd give is  not to take it (instagramming and blogging) too seriously and to enjoy it as a hobby. Don't let money be the main factor behind it and do it because you enjoy it. Also, embrace the opportunities it opens up such as travelling and networking. I'd say  just be yourself and show your trueself to your audience and let them appreciate you for you.

Words by Sharroz Hussain

Cover Image Edit: Tomasz Suprun

Editor : Howey Ejegi

Photos: Ryan Craig

Team: Kreativedon

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