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Influencer Spotlight of the week - Nikki Oji

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Luscious lock of spring curls, red lipstick, well manicured nails and a beautiful ostrich feather coat, like the type you would only see on glossy editorials. As she patiently waited in line to see a show at London fashion week, she didn't need to say a word. There was something about her presence that exuded a great deal of confidence, charm and charisma. I knew I just had to speak to her ...

And that is how we discovered Glasgow based Fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer Nikki Oji. Learn more about her as she takes on our Stardon Spotlight questions.

Q:If you had a corporate job what would it be?

A: Well, I had a corporate job as a Future Trends Expert - I absolutely loved it, so I would definitely do that again.

Q:The most favourite campaign you have worked on?

A: I would have to say the gorgeous Lallabee dress I was commissioned to wear to London Fashion Week in February! It was a delight to wear (styled with my Galliano coat), the photographers loved it and I got paid for all that.

Q: What is one item in your wardrobe or make up bag, you cant live without?

A: My Joseph leather leggings! They fit like a glove, they go anywhere and were a surprise gift from my gorgeous husband. Tips on styling leggings.

Q:Favourite holiday destination?

A: Sooooo!!!! It’s hard to pick just one... but I’d probably have to say Sarasota in South Florida. My family has a condo there, so it’s a true home-from-home.

Q:As an influencer, what inspires your style?

A: I literally find inspiration EVERYWHERE! From walking down the city streets, to fashion magazines or apps like Instagram and Pinterest... even in my own wardrobe! I love styling old pieces I’ve loved forever with new additions to my “collection”.

Q:If you have to delete every app on your phone except for 3, what would you keep?

A: Wow! This is tough! I’d have to keep Instagram, London Tube Map and BBC Weather! Well, I do live in the West of Scotland.

Q:If you have to leave one advice for anyone reading this, what would it be?

A: Be your own beautiful, unique self and don’t compare other people’s life or style to yours. The world needs more individuality - we have enough identikits!

Let’s celebrate individuality - sameness is overrated!

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Words: Nikki Oji

Editor: Howey Ejegi

Cover image: Tomasz Suprun

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