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Influencer spotlight of the week -Chani Lillian

Our spotlight this week has landed in Glasgow. Meet Blondeshell, Chani who we first met when she attended our Influencer and press launch event earlier this summer. With a growing instagram audience of over 5k followers, a blog that gives her very own personal tips on everything luxury and affordable fashion, travel adventures and beauty; It is no wonder why this Scottish micro influencer is one to watch as we shined our STARDON spotlight on her.

Q: If you had a corporate job what would it be?

A: I already do! I’m the learning and development manager for a national Children’s charity and I make sure that our staff are trained to the highest standards to work with children and their families.  I really enjoy using my L&D background to support such a worthy organisation and every day brings new challenges – very different ones from social media influencing!  Despite basically working two full time jobs I find that both bring me energy and motivation to keep growing and developing myself.

Q: The most favourite campaign you have worked on?

A: That’s tricky!  I would have to say a campaign I did recently with I Saw it First.  I was given a lot of flexibility and this allowed me to really play around with my look and create outfits that were fun, on-trend and accessible for my audience, whilst showing how you can pair new items with vintage and pre-owned pieces. 

Q: What is one item in your wardrobe or make up bag, you cant live without?

A: I couldn’t possibly stick to one; I’m a fashion and beauty blogger! If I had to pick one from each though, it would be a long sleeved silk Valentino LBD (you can dress it up, down, belt it, tuck it into trousers…the list goes on!) and mascara.  Eyes make all the difference to a good shot! 

Q: Favourite holiday destination?

A: My favourite so far would have to be mainland Greece.  I actually studied Ancient Greece at university, so visiting all the sites - particularly Olympia and Delphi, was very humbling.  Places I’d love to go next are Tuscany and LA.

Girl walking
Chani wearing a Zara dress

Q: As an influencer, what inspires your style?

A: I’m really fascinated with the history of the major fashion houses, and I do a lot of research into them so this tends to influence the way I dress.  Lately I can’t get enough of Versace and pieces that are Versace-inspired; particularly their 90’s revival.

Q: If you have to delete every app on your phone except for 3, what would you keep?

A: That’s easy: Instagram to connect with my audience, YouTube to watch my favourite vloggers, and Pinterest for inspiration and endless recipes.

Q: If you have to leave one advice for anyone reading this, what would it be?

A: In an age where DM are more common than emails, professionalism is still key.  Respond promptly, turn up on time, thank people for the opportunities they send you, and ALWAYS reply to comments and messages from your audience. The industry is more competitive than ever and that’s not going to change – make sure people remember you for the right reasons.

Words: Chani Lillian

Cover Image Edit: Tomasz Suprun

Editor : Howey Ejegi

images @chani_lillian

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