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Influencer spotlight of the week - Barbara Adeniken

Not only has she got a unique fashion style with a fine balance of luxury and independent boutique designers, her refined taste in dinning and wine makes her one to follow. Meet our Stardon of the week, Barbara Adeniken @outofbarbarasbox, London based micro influencer whose niche has cultivated her a highly engaged fanbase. We got her under our StarDon spotlight and here's how it went.

Q: If you were to have one job for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Good question, I have worked in social media for 6 years, now as a social manager for an agency, in charge of a team of social producers.

I am in charge of building paid media, managing social producers, budget many other corporate roles.

Q: The most favourite campaign that you have worked on as an influencer? 

Uhhh ok, good question thinks (pauses...) before I go into this, can I just say that i'm not a full time influencer and I do say no to a lot of offers and collaborations. However, one campaign I really enjoyed working on was with Amarula (Liquor brand), the reason why is because they partnered with Africa Fashion Week London AFWL. I loved the fact that they allowed me express my creativity. For me, It was a fusion of fashion and alcohol. The approach to the campaign was quite fun. Also, I love Becca Apparel, we have a long standing relationship, the timing and flexibity on our collaboration was incredible. It's fashion, it's cool and certainly edgy. The person behind the fashion label is amazing. I really love my relationship with influencer agency ADWAIZ

Q: What one item in your wardrobe or make up bag you can't live without?

I have a pair of shoes that was given to me as a gift, it’s a pair of Christian Louboutin high heeled pumps in black. it’s so comfortable, it makes me feel 20ft tall and ready to conquer the world. Make up has to be my Fenty Beauty red lipstick.

Q:Favourite holiday destination? 

It has to be a hot holiday destination known for its luxury and beauty, the Caribbean Islands.


Q: As an influencer, what inspires your style? 

Mood!!! very much my mood. Right now I have cut my hair, and wear it short. I seem to wear a lot of black and I am very much edgier now than I have ever been. I am obsessed with Naomi Campbell, there is something about her that is very endearing. Her mannerisms and poise is wow! She is a style icon and inspiration to me.

Q: If you have to delete every app on your phone except for three what would you keep? 

Gmail, for my work, WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family and Spotify because I can't live life without music.

Q: If you have to leave one advice for anyone reading this what would it be?

Keep attaining. You can never be too knowledgeable, or too good at anything.

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Images: Barbara Adeniken

cover photo: Reinold Aryee

Photos: @outofbarbarasbox

Chief Editor: Howey Ejegi

cover photo:

Outfit: Becca Apparel

Bag: Chloe

Hat: Max Hatter

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