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Influencer of the week - Lee Chisholm

Lee and Ava of @Daddownload

He is a superdad who makes parenting look easy. Meet Parent influencer of the year, dad to the wee superstar Ava and husband to Hillary, Lee Chisholm. When we first discovered micro-influencer @daddownload on instagram, we knew we just had to meet him. Quite shy, humble and full of passion in the way he speaks about his family and the way he creates content. We shone our stardom spotlight on him and here's how it went.

Q: If you were to have one job for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Oh Jeez, very tough question and with me being ever pragmatic, I just want to ask you more questions. Ok, let’s assume I’m my own boss and in charge of my own destiny and if that’s the case, it would have to be something where I can create, have fun and have that work life balance that’s so important. That said, I always fancied being a marine biologist, or an astronaut – but for the time being; Content Creator it’ll be 😊

@daddownload for Clarks shoes

Q: The most favourite campaign that you have worked on as an influencer and why? 

I’m lucky to have been involved with so many great campaigns through the past few years with some amazing brands and agencies too. What I’ve learnt is sometimes those big names don’t always give you the creative freedom needed to fully express yourself, so any campaign that allows me to go full throttle is always exciting. We worked with Nat Geo x Clarks Kids recently and that was fun. (the campaign just recently won a license award too!). I also always love working with Tesco as they let me loose and in return the work created Is always fun and exciting.

Lee and daughter Ava for Tesco

Q: What one item in your wardrobe or wash bag you can’t live without?

As a recovering sneakerhead, I’d have to say my sneakers, first and foremost. If there was one particular pair however, it’s my NB x Hanon M1500CHF Chosen Few. Other than that, I’m a sucker for check shirts and Japanese selvedged denim.

Q:Favourite holiday destination? 

Orlando, Florida. Easiest answer yet 😊

Q: As an influencer, what inspires your style and content? 

My style is inspired by many other creatives across Instagram. Fun, clever and witty content usually makes me just pause and think ‘Damn, they are geniuses!’ so with that, it inspires me to do something similar. To do something different and that seperates me from the others in my niche. You could say creating my own niche is inspiration too. It’s all about finding balance though as I’m inspired by beautiful photography, clever photo editing and seamless video productions. With all that, I try and include aspects from each into my work. Also, I just want to provide some light relief. Some fun and enjoyment. I just want to make people smile and forget about their problems even for a split second. There’s enough trouble in the world and I just want to inspire and to make people happy.

family photo
The Daddownload Family

Q: If you have to delete every app on your phone except for three what would you keep? 

Instagram, Google News, Whatsapp

Q: If you have to leave one advice for anyone reading this what would it be?

While it may seem like a good idea to get 3 cats, just remember… there’s consequences!!!!!

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Words: Lee Chisholm

Images: @daddownload , John Lewis, matalan,clark

Chief editor: Howey Ejegi

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