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Influencer of the week - DaddyAndDad

Meet our favourite modern family, Jamie, Tom, Lyall and Richard known as @daddyanddad. They have won numerous influencer awards, worked with the most reputable brands and reviewed the most most amazing family products on their blog. What makes this family really cool is the realness and family values they represent. We first met them at the 2018 VUELIO blog awards, we are so happy to have our StarDon spotlight on them this week. This is how it went.

Q: If you were to have one job for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Content Creator. I love creating content. Currently, I describe myself as full-time blogger. When I started operating the Daddy & Dad blog as a business back in 2017, the biggest perk was flexibility - the ability to work around school runs and kids' activities and appointments. But now the kids are a little more independent and we've established Daddy & Dad across several channels, the biggest perk is the diverse range of media we're producing for brands. For instance, one week we could be creating written blog content for eBay, the next week perhaps IGTV video with Disney and then a series of still images for Nickelodeon at the weekend. Every job is challenging and interesting - it's how I'd like my career to continue.

Q: The most favourite campaign that you have worked on as an influencer? 

Can I choose two? My personal favourite was eBay's Christmas campaign last year. Our family starred in our own Christmas TV advert and a dynamic radio commercial. Honestly, we couldn't believe it when we smashed our first-ever casting, and then to be provided our own crew and director and London studio home for a week during the filming - it was a dream come true. We took the boys to Picadilly Circus to watch the advert's first showing on the big screens. Unbelievable! Our kids' favourite campaign was Disney's Magical Pride, which took our family to Disneyland to report from their first official Pride event. That was our first VIP experience and we loved every minute. In a very exciting turn of events, a family photo we took for Instagram at the Magical Pride Party went viral and was picked up by several international news channels! Fame!

Q: What one item in your wardrobe or wash bag you can't live without?

Can't live without? My Philips beard trimmer. As somebody without the luxury of hair on my head I depend on a close head trim! Also I'm away quite a lot with my job which means packing light. I've learned that pretty much anything else - underwear, tees, belts, shoes, toothpaste, unbrellas can easily be bought while I'm out on a business trip but my Philips beard trimmer needs to be charged and ready for action.

Q: Favourite holiday destination? 

We love Salou. It's a coastal city near Barcelona and home to a wonderful theme park resort called PortAventura World. We've taken the boys there a couple of times in October when the weather is mild but it's nice and quiet. This year we took the boys to a golf course villa resort in Gran Canaria. It was boiling hot and the landscape was beautiful. Unlike our activity-filled Salou holidays we were in quite a remote location in Gran Canaria which meant we spent a lot of valuable time together as a family.

Q: As an influencer, what inspires your style?

I find it hilarious that I've become influential at this age (39) when I was so much more stylish and camera-friendly twenty years ago! I guess my personal style has developed as I've grown up - I've embraced skinny jeans, baggy logo sweaters and I love bomber jackets. But my hats are the signature of my style. Tom is a sneaker fan - his current favourite trainers are neon Nikes from LA. As parents, Tom and I encourage the boys to develop their own sense of style too. Lyall goes for sporty streetwear and oversized tees. Richard loves to look smart - his favourites are his Marc Darcey waistcoat and tartan bowtie. As a family our unique styles complement each other.

Thinking about the style of our content online, we try to keep everything fun, colourful and honest; not too manufactured, for lack of a better word. So many parenting blogs are white and pastel with soft fonts and perfectly styled images. But that filtered style doesn't match our hectic lifestyle at all, with all our bright clothes, sporty activities and action-filled weekends. So, we decided to take inspiration from things we love; comics, theme parks, 80s pop music and tech brands - bold white fonts against black backgrounds with fuschia and teal accents. It seems to suit our personalities and stands out against the millions of pastel mum blogs! Q: If you have to delete every app on your phone except for three what would you keep? Instagram, Waze, Rightmove. Instagram's an easy one - it's where my influencer work is, so that's a keeper. I love following my friends on Instagram and I particularly love micro-influencers because you can engage in conversation with them. Two Dads In London and PieterDegans are my personal faves on there. Waze is another no-brainer. I use it to avoid the traffic on the school run and I regularly drive into quite obscure parts of London - it works a treat. Rightmove is my go-to skive! I could spend hours searching houses I could only dream of being able to afford! That's another keeper.

Q: If you have to leave one advice for anyone reading this what would it be?

If you're hoping to stand out and attract brands, you should embrace what makes you different. Keep that one thing at the very centre of all your content. For us, it's our family set-up. So, we made our strapline 'Two dads, two boys, one blog' and we approach everything as a family team. Whatever it is that makes you different, capitalise on it. There will be thousands of people who identify with it!

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