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Just like Autumn, the season of constant deadlines and exams is coming back. This could only mean one thing - the beginning of the first university semester. But don't you worry, as we bring you our top 4 tips in preparing for the new semester.


A good and effective laptop/tablet is key to being organised and having the ability to carry out work outwith your university grounds.

The amount of use required from your electronic devices and what software you may require will vary from course to course, so check in advance to make sure you're ahead of the curve. As a new or continuing student, you can save a great deal on softwares like Adobe cloud student offers and Microsoft when purchased as a student.


This is something so basic and simple, yet many students fall into the trap of not having the right materials for the first week of lectures. Stationery isn't limited to pens or pencils but items such as sticky notes and notebooks. Be sure to have these basic items prepared before the start of term to avoid scrambling around last minute. 


As you begin to pack your suitcase, try to be realistic and practical. It's the start of Autumn, build your wardrobe with basics like plain tees and denims. Jumpers and cardigans are great for lecture days, as you can easily build up clothing layers with these, depending on the weather. Don't be afraid to thrift shop, you will always find great staples at bargain prices too. Taking advantage of back to school discounts offered by high street and online retailers will save you bucks too. We recommend student discount app UNIDAYS, which is designed for students to get discounts codes from online and high street retailers.



Familiar with the famous proverb - 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" ?

A well balanced university life makes all the difference with not just your mental health but also your overall experience as a student.

We know Uni can become very daunting especially with deadlines and all that serious academic stuff, however do find time to take on opportunities that immerses you into the university culture. Relish the opportunity to make new friends, you can also join some of the many wonderful societies in the university, or maybe even start your own. There's endless possibilities to have fun and flourish during your time at university.

These are trusted tips that will help going back to university as a fresher or continuing student very exciting and rewarding. We wish you good luck with the new semester.

Words: Sharroz Husain

Chief editor: Howey Ejegi

Images: Unsplash

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