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5 reasons why you need Muay Thai in your fitness routine

Doing the same exercise routine at the gym everyday can become tedious and boring, if you are looking to try something new, that you can make an outdoor work out routine, Muay Thai could be the answer.

Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai translates as 'Thai boxing'.  This may give the impression it is a martial art that exclusively utilises striking with the use of the hands alone, however , this could not be further from the truth as Muay Thai is commonly referred to as ' the art of eight limbs'. This is due to the use of fists, knees, shins and elbows. 

Enough of the boring stuff now! Here are our top 5 reasons you may want to take this form of exercise on.

Muay Thai trainer @nadatobgi, from @thetwotwenty

  • Improved cardiovascular health

This is due to the intense amount of strength and conditioning muay Thai involves. The high intensity nature gets your heart rate going, better blood circulation and better distribution of oxygen.

  • Stress and tension Release

Had an upsetting day at work and you just need to let out that steam? Muay Thai allows the participant to let out built up tension, anger or frustrations. You will feel good after a session.

  • Increased mobility

Got a job that requires you to spend a lot of time behind your laptop sat behind the desk? We all know that feeling.This exercise will improve your flexibility and range of motion through repeated training of high kicks and jumping.

Athlete @ericgold23

  • Weight loss

Now let’s face the truth, we all want to look great in clothes and feel overall better about our physique. The high aerobic activity and intense training alone go a long way in burning calories and maintaining a healthy body weight. 

  • Self Defence

Hopefully you wont’ be in a situation needing to physically defend yourself, but should you wish to impress your friends with your self-defence techniques and Jacki Chan moves, the age old techniques of Muay Thai will come in handy.

So what are you waiting for? You can dive more into the world of Muay Thai here

Written: Sharroz Hussain

Editor: Howey Ejegi

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